Be the [Healthy] Hostess With the Mostess


It can easily be argued that the words “healthy” and “holiday” do not belong in the same sentence. Food brings people together, and this time of year there’s no shortage of gatherings, snacks, or sweets. While we’re all for indulging, we feel a little less guilty when some of our indulgences are equally healthy and tasty. Thanks to the internet, there are plenty of recipes floating around that are exactly that. Whether you’re hosting a party, or just contributing to one, here’s a healthy appetizer and dessert we think you’ll love! Oh, and not to mention a quick, delicious latte recipe!

Appetizer: Sweet Potato Bites with Bacon and Avocado

  • 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 sweet potatoes, scrubbed clean (keep the peels on)
  • 1 ¼ teaspoons of kosher salt, divided
  • ¾ of a teaspoon of black pepper
  • ⅓ of a cup of grated 2% sharp cheddar cheese
  • 2 medium avocados, peeled, pitted, and diced
  • 2 tablespoons of nonfat or 2% plain Greek yogurt
  • 1 tablespoon of fresh lime juice
  • ½ teaspoon of smoked paprika
  • 3 ounces of bacon (about 4 slices)
  • 3 tablespoons of freshly chopped cilantro

Cooking Instructions: 

  1. Place rack in upper and lower thirds of your oven and preheat the oven to 425 degrees fahrenheit.
  2. Line two rimmed baking sheets with foil, then brush with 1/2 tablespoon of olive oil each.
  3. Slice potatoes into ½ to ¼ inch cross-sections (use a mandolin if you have one.)
  4. Arrange slices in a single layer on the oiled baking sheets, then brush tops with remaining olive oil.
  5. Sprinkle with 1 teaspoon salt and black pepper.
  6. Roast for 20-25 minutes, until golden brown underneath, rotating the pans 180 degrees. Change their positions on the upper/lower racks halfway through. Flip, then roast for an additional 8 minutes. Remove from oven, sprinkle with cheddar, then return to oven and bake for an additional 3 minutes, until the cheese is melted and bubbly.
  7. In a small bowl, combine the avocado, Greek yogurt, lime juice, remaining ¼ teaspoon salt, and smoked paprika. Mash lightly with a fork, but still leave the mixture slightly chunky. Set aside.
  8. Fry bacon in a large skillet over medium heat, then remove from pan and set between two paper towels set atop a dinner plate. Blot away excess grease and, when cool enough to handle, chop into small pieces.
  9. Once the crisps have baked, top each with a dollop of the avocado mixture, chopped bacon, and cilantro. Serve warm or at room temperature.

Dessert: NO BAKE White Chocolate and Raspberry Protein Bars

  • 2 cups of gluten free oat flour
  • ½ cup of coconut flour, sifted (you can use almond flour, too)
  • ½ cup of vanilla protein powder (our SmartProtein is a solid option)
  • 2 tablespoons of granulated sweetener of choice (optional)
  • ½ cup of cashew butter (or any other nut butter you so choose)
  • ½ cup of brown rice syrup
  • ¼ cup of dried, unsweetened raspberries
  • ¼ cup of dried, unsweetened cranberries
  • ¼ cup of dairy free white chocolate chips
  • ¼ cup (or more) milk of choice (you’ll have to play around with this depending on the protein powder you use)

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Line a 9 x 9 baking dish with baking paper.
  2. Combine the flours, protein powder, and granulated sweetener. Mix well.
  3. Combine the nut butter and liquid sweetener and heat until melted.
  4. Combine both mixtures and mix well. The result should be a bit crumbly.
  5. Add the raspberries, cranberries and white chocolate chips, and mix again.
  6. Add the dairy free milk of choice slowly until a thick, firm batter is formed.
  7. Transfer the combination into the lined baking dish and press down on it firmly.
  8. Place in the refrigerator for at least 30 minutes.

And you can’t have dessert without coffee! Throw together a DIY latte by adding decaf chai spice mix to boiling water. Add 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder and cinnamon to taste, and BAM! You’ll have all of the guests talking for all of the right reasons.

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Must-Have Fall Recipes...Yes, Pumpkin Spice Included


Tis’ the season for pumpkin everything, but finding a healthy, fall-flavored snack is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. If you’re looking to get a taste of the season, but without the added calories, we’ve got you covered. Here are a couple of tasty fall recipes to feed your pumpkin-spice cravings. Enjoy!

Pumpkin-Spice Protein Pancakes:

All of the flavor, but with a healthy protein punch. Here’s what you’ll need to make 10 pancakes:  

  • 1 and ½ cups of oat flour (or 1 and ¼ cups of oat flour and 2 scoops of vanilla protein - we recommend our Smart Protein, of course!)

  • 2 tablespoons of Splenda, Truvia, or Ideal (sugar substitute)

  • 1 tablespoon of baking powder

  • ½ teaspoon of salt

  • 1 tablespoon of cinnamon

  • ¼ teaspoon of allspice

  • ¼ teaspoon of nutmeg

  • 4 egg whites

  • ½ cup of raw pumpkin

  • 1 and ½ cups of unsweetened Almond Breeze (almond milk)

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Preheat your griddle to medium heat.
  2. Mix flour, sugar substitute, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, allspice and nutmeg in a large bowl.
  3. Whisk the egg whites and pumpkin in a separate bowl, then add in the almond milk - mixing slowly.
  4. Pour the wet ingredients into the bowl with the dry ingredients, then mix well.
  5. Spray your griddle with non-stick butter spray.
  6. Scoop your batter with a 1/4 cup measuring cup onto griddle.
  7. Cook each side until they are lightly toasted/golden brown. Make sure they are cooked all the way through before serving.

Pumpkin Pie Protein Smoothie:

Here's what you'll need for 1 smoothie serving:

  • 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk

  • 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder

  • 1 frozen banana

  • 3 tablespoons of pumpkin puree

  • ¼ teaspoon of pumpkin pie spice

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Simply add all of the ingredients into a blender and blend until smooth.

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Coconut Oil & Coffee: A Kick-Ass Combination


It seems as though coconut oil can be used as a remedy for just about anything these days. It can moisturize dry hair and skin, be used as a substitute for vegetable oil, and has even been said to act as an anti-aging skincare product. Apparently, it packs a mean punch when used as a coffee creamer, too. Step away from the sugar and half-and-half, you’re going to want to hear this.

Obviously, coconut oil has a great, sweet flavor, so using it as a cream and sugar substitute in coffee is an obvious healthy alternative. However, the benefits actually go beyond taste.

First off, coconut oil contains saturated fat (SF), which is in fact not as God awful for you as they say. As they also say, everything is moderation. Unless you are over-consuming calories, the saturated fat within coconut oil can actually provide you with added energy, not extra pounds. Essentially, this form of SF is capable of being broken down without being stored as body fat. We won’t get all scientific on you, but think of it has being a “healthy saturated fat”.

Second, coconut oil is satiating. In a nutshell - consuming it can make you feel fuller, longer. That’s because lauric acid comprises 50% of its fat content (thanks lauric acid!!). While a great benefit, we advise you to be careful. To keep you from spending your day in the restroom, it’s recommended that you don’t consume more than 2 tablespoons of this magical lipid per day.

In addition to providing energy and fullness, coconut oil is said to speed up the metabolism and enhance digestive health. To ensure you get your daily dose, we recommend putting it in your morning coffee because it’s easy, convenient, and (of course) it tastes great! It replaces unhealthy sugars and creamers, and leaves you with several additional benefits - physically and mentally.

PRO TIP: For max benefit, you’ll want to blend your concoction, not stir it! To jumpstart your journey, try one of these recipes.

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