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Travel Often? This App Helps You Adjust to Different Time Zones!


Do you feel like you lose valuable vacation time because of jet lag? Is it hard for you to adjust to new schedules? Blame your circadian clock.

The circadian clock is, to put it simply, your internal clock. Powered by light, your metaphorical clock controls your sleep patterns. A new app called Entrain developed by the University of Michigan researchers can utilize what makes you tick to adjust to jet lag faster.

How does it work? Entrain’s app developers explain: your body is based on a number of rhythms, circadian rhythms, which regulate repeated patterns in your body such a temperature, immune system and sleep. 

The app uses answers you provide based on a number of questions, and then it tells you where you are in your daily rhythm based on a number of factors. Then, it provides suggested schedules so you can adjust to a new time zone faster.
"The schedules are computed using techniques from the theory of optimal control," the Entrain website states. "The big idea is that, given equations describing the human circadian clock, we can ask what light stimulus moves that clock from one ``phase'' to another in the least amount of time."

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