4 Natural Ways to Treat Arthritis


Do you have arthritis? If so, you are one of 54 million Americans (one in 4), according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). So even if you don't, chances are you know somebody who does. 

While many doctors can prescribe to eliminate bothersome symptoms such as inflammation and pain, some natural remedies can provide the same amount of effectiveness without risk of addiction or side effects. 

There four natural ways to treat arthritis could lead to relief for someone who has been diagnosed:

  1. Physical Activity: The remedy for many ailments, fitness is part of an essential health and wellness lifestyle. Low-impact activities such as swimming, biking and walking all can aid in reducing arthritis symptoms, according to the CDC.
  2. Ginger: First used in Asian medicine centuries ago, ginger alleviates inflammation, similar to ibuprofen and prescription medications such as Celebrex, according to the Arthritis Foundation.
  3. Chiropractor: Although visiting a chiropractor may realign joints that are out of place due to arthritis, it is not a treatment for the symptoms. Organizations such as the Rheumatoid Arthritis Support Network support it as long as active joints are not swollen/inflamed during a visit, which might worsen arthritis.
  4. Glucosamine: Arthritis wears down joint cartilage, and glucosamine supplements could slow the process, according to the Arthritis Foundation. In addition, joint mobility significantly can improve.

Knowledge is power, so be sure to forward this to a friend or family member who could benefit! 

Supplements for a Sharp Mind

Memory loss is more common as we get older. No matter your age, though, we all have had one of those moments where we forgot something important. While this is normal and nothing to be concerned about, there are healthy supplements you can take to improve memory - and hopefully minimize these occurrences.

1. Omega-3 Fish Oil

You may have heard of this being referred to as ‘brain food’. Omega-3 Fish Oil supplies  a rich blend of nutrients needed by brain cells, including protein, long-chain omega-3 fatty acids (DHA and EPA), vitamin D and phospholipids.

Including foods like salmon, mackerel, herring, sardines and fresh tuna into your diet at least twice a week will help brain function. However, if you eat little or no fish, taking a supplement with 600 mg to 1 g of DHA and EPA will help you get your omega-3s and improve brain function as well.

2. Ginkgo Biloba

The Ginkgo biloba tree is 270 million years old. One of the oldest surviving species. Its fan-shaped leaves contain unique antioxidants called ginkgolides and bilobalides. Ginkgolides and bilobalides relax blood vessel walls, reduce blood stickiness and increase red blood cell flexibility which improves brain function.

Ginkgo is one of the most widely used herbal medicines for improving short-term working memory, concentration and thought processes. This supplement is known to improve blood circulation, oxygen levels, glucose and other nutrients the brain needs.

3.) Resveratrol

Resveratrol is a polyphenol found in red grapes, red wine, lingonberries, cranberries and redcurrants, as well as the red skins of peanuts.

Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant that helps to protect brain cells from age-related decline. Taking resveratrol supplements has beneficial effects on word retention and recall. This occurs due to significant increases in connections between brain cells in the hippocampus (a part of the brain involved in memory processing).

A study involving healthy postmenopausal found that taking 75 mgs of resveratrol supplements twice-a-day improves blood circulation in the brain and enhanced mood and cognition.

Eating healthy and being mindful of the things you put in your body isn’t just about looking good; it’s also about keeping your mind feeling its best. What are some ways you exercise your memory? Head to one of our social media pages and comment on a post to fill us in! 

4 Quick, Healthy Treats for Your Weekend Barbecue

It's officially summer and time to take advantage of those foods that are now "in season." Even though most people think of barbecue when they think of summer cookouts, there are quite a few summer dishes that are equally healthy and satisfying. Here are some of our favorites, all of which are sure to surprise and delight the rest of the guests. Plus, they are so fun and simple to make that the kids can even help! 

1.) Cucumber Sandwiches

For those of you who try to cut back on calories by avoiding bread, try this delicious substitute: cucumbers! Cucumbers are in season and make great mini sandwiches. Simply cut them into thin, round pieces, and put your choice of deli meats and cheeses in between. You can hold them together with a toothpick so that they don't fall apart upon transport. 

2.) Fruit Skewers

Most of you are used to chicken or shrimp skewers at a barbecue. Try substituting these heavier items with light, fresh fruits for a different summer treat! All you have to do is cut up your favorite fruits into 1-inch portions. Layer them onto a wooden barbecue skewer, alternating and creating a pattern for a nice aesthetic. We think that kiwi, watermelon, strawberries and grapes are really great for these! 

3.) Watermelon Pizza

Who knew watermelon could be this fun?! Create your very own watermelon pizza with your favorite fruits as a topping. The secret ingredient, otherwise known as your "sauce", is coconut yogurt (as shown in the image above). Like the other options, watermelon pizza really is what you make of it. Try different toppings to figure out your favorite combination. 

4.) Smoothie Popsicles

Freeze your smoothies in the summertime for a nice grab-and-go treat. It's also a great way to cool down on a hot day. And the best part: no added sugar like most store bought popsicles. Simply blend your favorite frozen fruits together with a little bit of water to create the base. Then pour your mixture into popsicle trays and freeze. You can get the trays off of Amazon or even at Target. The best part is that they are plastic, so they can be used time and time again! 

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Your Questions About Juicing, Answered!

Did you know that 95 percent of the vitamins and enzymes our bodies need are found in juice and raw fruits and vegetables? For this reason, many people have turned to a new diet plan referred to as "juicing".

Juicing is a detox diet that can last from a few days to several weeks. During the detox, you consume only fruit and vegetable liquids. Many people believe juicing detoxes improve health, mood and appearance. 

Here are some commonly asked questions:

Why is juicing better than eating whole fruits?

The equivalent nutrients to one 16 oz. juice would be the same as eating 2 lbs. of carrots, 10 to 12 apples, or 8 lbs. of spinach. When you drink juice you are putting highly concentrated vitamins, minerals and enzymes into your bloodstream, which, in return, gives your digestive organs a rest.

When is the best time to juice?

The best time to juice is on an empty stomach or at least an hour before eating a meal. That way you maximize on the amount of nutrients absorbed into the body. Juice can be stored in a sealed container in the fridge for up to three days without going bad.

Does juicing help your immune system?

Juicing helps facilitate weight loss, increase energy levels, strengthen immunity and give your skin a glowing complexion. Additionally, research has proven that juicing reduces chances of heart disease, cancer and strokes, which are the three leading causes of death in the United States. 

On top of all of the benefits, juices can taste pretty great. Nothing better than a treat that's tasty AND healthy! Find a local juice bar near you this weekend and try one out. You won't be disappointed, and you'll reap some major benefits!

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How to Lose Weight, Not Money in 2017


If you’ve committed to drop a pant size or two in the new year, you’re not alone. Weight loss was the top new year's resolution made in 2015, with 38% of people who made a resolution choosing it as their end goal. While the surge in gym traffic this time of year is a common complaint among fitness buffs, we’re all for people who want to improve their health and wellness. In fact, we encourage it, and there’s no better time to get started than right now. Literally. Here’s why…

Someone You Know Wants to Lose Weight, Too
With statistics like those listed above, it’s inevitable that someone in your network will be working to shed some weight come 2017 as well. Ask them to be your accountabilibuddy! Set goals together, check in with each other, and motivate each other throughout the journey. You definitely don’t have to do this alone!

You’ll Pay Less for Your Gym Membership
If you really plan on committing to the #fitlife, you’ll get a heck of a deal by signing up for your membership in December or January. Gyms tend to take advantage of all the new year’s resolutioners because they know that a great majority of them will rarely (if ever) use their memberships, despite good intentions. If you are confident that you will get your money's worth throughout the year, try to negotiate a 12-month pass at a lower monthly rate. Once everyone’s fitness fever cools down in February, you’ll truly reap the benefits.

You’ll Have the Pick of the Gym Litter
Since most gyms are working overtime to sign on new members during December and January, it’s a great time to shop around. Rather than choosing your fitness center based strictly on price, you’ll be able to get trial memberships to test the water. Then, once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can negotiate with them for the best pricing. Nothing is set in stone. Let them compete for your business, not the other way around.

Truth is, 67% of people who have a gym membership never use it, and gym owners are well aware. If you are willing to commit and negotiate, you’ll end the year with skinnier jeans and fatter pockets.

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8 Ways Reading Improves Your Health

When was the last time you read a really great book? Better yet, when was the last time you picked up a book and actually wanted to read it for fun? For the majority of busy adults, the last time they read a book was in college. A book more than likely assigned by a professor, or a teacher in high school. In today’s busy world, with the hustle and bustle of everyday, we don’t often slow down long enough to read a book. So why should you make time for what some see as an outdated hobby?

There are plenty of reasons to pick up a book, your health being one of them! Here are 8 surprising health benefits to reading:

1. Makes You SMARTER

Yes, you read that right. Reading actually makes you smarter. It opens your mind and takes you to new places. You can experience a whole different time period, place, or society. Ultimately, it can provide a clearer understanding of the world around you.

2. Reduces STRESS

How, you might ask? Well, when you read you generally are sitting still and focusing. That intentional slow pace is great for your heart, mind, and body. It’s a form of meditation that can easily distract you from the stressors of everyday life.

3. Provides Greater TRANQUILITY

Refer to the above statement. Sitting and being mindful of something other than work, relationships or bills is great for your state of mind, and for bringing peace into your life. Unless of course you are reading a high impact thriller (then we can’t help you).

4. Improves Analytical THINKING

Reading gets you to improve your knowledge and seek out patterns. For instance, are you the person who seems to always know what the ending of the movie is before it happens? That’s using your analytical thinking, and reading gives you the same boost.

5. Increases VOCABULARY

The best part about picking up a book is reading words you more than likely don’t use in everyday conversation. Every time we pick up a new read we are bound to walk away having learned a new word or two. It then becomes that much easier to incorporate them into your daily vocabulary.

6. Improves MEMORY

Flexing those brain muscles also has the benefit of improving your memory, or your detail recall. When reading you have to use your imagination and recall and recreate visuals to match the story you are reading.


The best writers will tell you that reading everyday is vital to their success. Increasing your vocabulary, knowledge, and descriptive words (imagination) are all key in reaching your audience. Those small things are what make your writing come to life and hook readers in.


Reading expands your horizons and gets you to see the world around you in a different light. Often times, after a reading a great book, you find new things you want to learn, see, or do. Anything that helps you to discover more of yourself is a worthwhile goal or hobby.

Don’t want to invest in books, or don’t have the extra cash to spend on them? Visit your local library. They are amazing community resources where you can read, discover, and look through a variety of books.

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