5 Instagram Accounts to Follow

True Recovery is all about pushing yourself to the limit and constantly improving both physically and mentally. Sometimes we encounter rough days or moments where we could use that extra kick of motivation, so we've compiled 5 Instagram accounts that we love to use to gain that extra boost and continue pushing! 


The popular versatile and wearable POV camera allows people to capture a unique perspective for some of the craziest photos & videos! The GoPro Instagram account takes being active to another level, so next time you're feeling like hitting 'next episode' on your favorite Netflix series, hop onto their feed for an instant kick in the a**!


If you need a daily dosage of inspirational quotes look no further! Ziglar's Instagram account provides a healthy stream of motivation whether you're an entrepreneur, athlete, or just looking for that extra boost! They're also perfect for sharing with friends or your team.


Sometimes in our daily lives we may become too wrapped up in the hustle and bustle that we forget what's outside those four walls. The North Face Instagram account posts incredible scenic and active shots from around the word to help push you to get outside and explore!


Self described as, "two girls on a fitness and health journey". CleanEatz hopes to inspire its Instagram followers to not only eat healthier and workout more, but to most importantly just feel better about yourself. Their feed contains healthy how-to-recipes, funny and silly quotes, and just all around infectious positivity!


A fitness, health, and wellness community made up of online influencers sharing a variety of posts to get you up and off that couch. The FitFluential feed consists of healthy and unique recipes, workout tips, and those always inspiring motivational quotes.


We encourage you to share any accounts you've found that help you achieve that extra ounce of motivation or daily entertainment! Please comment and share below.