4 Foods that Fuel Focus


You know what the say— when you eat better, you feel better. Food is the fuel that regulates your energy and mood, both of which can significantly affect your focus.  
Here are a few foods to work into your diet that are proven to increase concentration:


Blueberries have been proven to boost concentration and memory for up to five hours. The antioxidants in blueberries stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to the brain and keep the mind fresh. 


Green tea helps you focus because it contains caffeine and l’theanine. L’theanine is an ingredient that’s been shown to increase alpha-wave activity. The two ingredients combined produce a better ability to focus attention, with improvement of both speed and accuracy.


Nuts and seeds are great for your body in the long-term. They are good sources of the antioxidant vitamin E. They’re also rich with essential oils and amino acids that aid your focus.


Dark chocolate helps you focus because it contains a small amount of caffeine, which has been proven to heighten mental alertness. Dark chocolate also contains magnesium, which stimulates the release of endorphins and serotonin. This release makes you feel energized while heightening your mood.

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