Experience Caffeine's Greatest Benefits With This Simple Trick

Did you know that 54% of American's over the age of 18 drink coffee daily? You're probably not surprised since there's a Starbucks on seemingly every corner. And, heck, you might be one of them. But what you might not know is that their (your?) daily addiction is doing more harm than good, and it's not for reasons you might think.
If you recall your first cup of coffee (or tea for that matter), you might remember an overall sense of alertness, possibly even euphoria. We hate to break it to you, but if that feeling has diminished, you're suffering from a caffeine intolerance. And, yes, just one cup of coffee or tea per day can put you at risk.
The Benefits of Caffeine:
The benefits of caffeine go far beyond waking you up, which is why you don't want to take caffeine intolerance lightly. By consuming too much caffeine you prevent yourself from experiencing some of it's biggest perks, like enhanced cognition, increased power output during exercise, and not to mention it's fat burning abilities. 
Curing Caffeine Intolerance:
The cure to caffeine intolerance is simple - consume it less frequently. Obviously, it has some pretty cool benefits. But by desensitizing yourself to caffeine you simply don't get the best out of it. Try to limit yourself to just a couple (1-2) of cups per week to get the most of each dose. You know what they say, less is more.
How to Cope with Caffeine Cravings:
To keep yourself from feeding your cravings, be sure to drink plenty of water and get a full night's rest. When you truly can't help yourself, reach for the decaf. The aroma and flavor might just do the trick.

While limiting your caffeine intake might be difficult at first, it's well worth it. Set a goal date for yourself and slowly ween yourself off if you have to. Your effort will be worth the energy - literally.

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