Daylight Savings!


With daylight savings coming to a close, we're about to see A LOT LESS sunlight over the next 6 months. It's a bummer, we know.... 

As we are all aware, we receive Vitamin D naturally through sunlight. With the winter months upon us, it makes it a much more difficult to get enough Vitamin D that our bodies need through natural sunlight. That is where our UpGraded D3 comes in great!  Simply by taking a soft gel in the morning before you start your day, you're ensuring yourself that you body is getting the Vitamin D it needs. 

Since Daylight Savings is coming to end this weekend, we thought we would share some Savings with you. This weekend only receive 10% off your bottle of UpGraded D3. Stock up for these winter months and help keep your energy and mood levels up! 

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Here are what some of our awesome customers have to say about our UpGraded D3!

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