Coconut Oil & Coffee: A Kick-Ass Combination


It seems as though coconut oil can be used as a remedy for just about anything these days. It can moisturize dry hair and skin, be used as a substitute for vegetable oil, and has even been said to act as an anti-aging skincare product. Apparently, it packs a mean punch when used as a coffee creamer, too. Step away from the sugar and half-and-half, you’re going to want to hear this.

Obviously, coconut oil has a great, sweet flavor, so using it as a cream and sugar substitute in coffee is an obvious healthy alternative. However, the benefits actually go beyond taste.

First off, coconut oil contains saturated fat (SF), which is in fact not as God awful for you as they say. As they also say, everything is moderation. Unless you are over-consuming calories, the saturated fat within coconut oil can actually provide you with added energy, not extra pounds. Essentially, this form of SF is capable of being broken down without being stored as body fat. We won’t get all scientific on you, but think of it has being a “healthy saturated fat”.

Second, coconut oil is satiating. In a nutshell - consuming it can make you feel fuller, longer. That’s because lauric acid comprises 50% of its fat content (thanks lauric acid!!). While a great benefit, we advise you to be careful. To keep you from spending your day in the restroom, it’s recommended that you don’t consume more than 2 tablespoons of this magical lipid per day.

In addition to providing energy and fullness, coconut oil is said to speed up the metabolism and enhance digestive health. To ensure you get your daily dose, we recommend putting it in your morning coffee because it’s easy, convenient, and (of course) it tastes great! It replaces unhealthy sugars and creamers, and leaves you with several additional benefits - physically and mentally.

PRO TIP: For max benefit, you’ll want to blend your concoction, not stir it! To jumpstart your journey, try one of these recipes.

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