Jumpstart a Productive Day

"You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyonce."

If we all had a dollar for as many times as we’ve come across this saying, we’d all have at least five dollars. Obviously, it’s supposed to be motivational, but it leaves out one small little detail. The idea of Beyonce being superwoman in the flesh is a complete mirage. Behind Queen B is an army of assistants, stylists, and makeup gurus working to prep her every move. That said, while you do run on the same 24-hour clock, your resources are likely far more limited. So how can you maximize your time as an army of one? It all starts with a solid morning routine. 

A consistent morning routine is a staple among successful individuals - specifically high-level executives and entrepreneurs. Waking up early to relax, tackle the “little things”, and/or organize the day is not just efficient, it sets you up for success. Here are a few AM activities you can try to jumpstart and optimize your day.

Meditate: It takes just 20-minutes of deep meditation to boost your energy level - and without a sip of coffee. Not only that, it helps you filter out the internal and external “noises” that bottleneck your mind during the day - ultimately providing clarity and focus. 

Express Gratitude: Studies show that actively expressing several (call it 3 to 5) gratitudes per day can make you a happier person. They also show that happier people are more successful. The proof is in the pudding. 

Review Your Goals: “A destination without a road map is just a wish.” That couldn’t be more true. However, failing to actively review your goals is equally dangerous. In order to stay on top of your goals, you have to keep them in front of you. By regularly reviewing your goals, you will be more likely to keep your eye on the prize. Additionally, you will give yourself the opportunity to reflect on your journey and adjust your plan accordingly. 

Work Out: Research suggests that morning workouts increase focus, boost energy levels, and rev up the metabolism. Whether you do a full 60-minute workout or just enough to get your heart pumping, just getting your blood flowing nice and early will provide added benefit to your day. 

Self Help: Being your best self takes action. Spend a few minutes every morning to reflect on who you are, how you want to be perceived, and what you want to accomplish. Then pick up a book that coincides with your wants and needs. Just a few minutes a day can really add up. You’ll be surprised where you’re at and how far you’ve come after a few short months. 

We encourage you to try at least one of these activities first thing in the morning over the next 30 days. We truly believe that you can channel your inner Beyonce and better slay each day, even as an army of one. 

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