Vitamin D May Cure This Common Syndrome (Study)


Trying to understand Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and its causes/symptoms can often times feel like a mystery, however the pain and discomfort left in its wake is not. Over 25 million americans suffer from IBS and its constant pains. Most affected Americans are adults under the age 50, and while research is still on-going the exact cause/cure is still unknown. IBS is incredibly unpredictable and the symptoms vary from mild to severe. This can cause stress and anxiety in its sufferers leading to poor quality of life. However, researchers are finding light in this otherwise dark situation.  While there is no cure, sufferers of the disease may find improvement in their symptoms by supplementing with higher doses of vitamin D3. Let’s take a closer look at some of these findings.


Over a period of six months researchers studied a mixed group of over 90 men and women, ages 18-73 in a double blind, placebo controlled group. Participants were randomly assigned into a treatment group or a control group, with 45 participants assigned to each group.  The treatment group was instructed to ingest a capsule of 50,000 IU of vitamin D3 every two weeks, and the control group was given a placebo. Each group’s symptoms were evaluated at the pre-intervention with no treatment, and then again at the end post-treatment. Researchers also studied and conducted a quality of life survey filled out by participants, both pre-intervention and post-treatment.


This is the first clinical study to investigate the effects of high-dose vitamin D supplementation on people with IBS. The study tells us that vitamin D supplementation at the rate of 50,000 IU every two weeks appears to be effective in mitigating the symptoms and severity of IBS, by approximately 15% above placebo. Moreover, significant improvements in quality of life were observed in the vitamin D group compared to the placebo, though both groups exhibited improvements when comparing pre-intervention to post-treatment.


While IBS and its cause/cure are still a mystery to many doctors, it is great to hear that researchers are finding improvement in symptom management. It is always our goal to improve quality of life through supplementation. Whether its progress in your current workout journey, or finding respite from plaguing ailments; we want to provide you with the tools to live your best life. If you live in a gray state, have IBS yourself, or are suffering from a psychological disordering triggering IBS episodes you can find comfort here. Try our UpGradedD3 with 2000 IU of Vitamin D3 along with 100mg of organic coconut oil for better and faster absorption. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Keep us posted on your journey.

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This newsletter was written for True Recovery by lifestyle blogger Michelle Zavodny.