How Chocolate Improves Workouts

If you ever get that craving to eat some delicious chocolate, then you may want to consider eating it before you workout.

YUP, you heard that right.

Now, we’re not talking about eating a snickers bar or a milky way, or whatever your favorite gas station counter chocolate bar is. We’re talking about REAL Dark Chocolate that’s 50-85% Cocoa.

Unlike most pre-workout supplements, which usually provide L-Arginine to unreliably boost nitric oxide production, Epicatechin(found in cocoa extract) has been associated with effectively improving nitric oxide production.

Evidence from animal studies suggest this may improve physical performance and help facilitate effective energy use in muscles.

Along with some very promising effects on physical performance, dark chocolate also has some promising studies which suggest benefits that include improved mood and cognitive function.

So, how much dark chocolate should you eat?

Studies currently suggest eating 25-40g of dark chocolate(containing at least 85% cocoa). This equates to about 200 calories of dark chocolate.

We're all about trying something new, so if you're like us then give this a shot. I mean hey, who doesn't want to eat chocolate!

If You're interested, Here's our "Let's Try It Out, Chocolate Pre-Workout Stack"...

25-40g Dark Chocolate (85% Cocoa)
2 Capsules Bio Energy
2 Capsules Acetyl L-Carnitine
500-1000mg Ashwagandha

We're gonna try it, are you?