3 Awesome Apps to Track Your Goals

The key to achieving any goal is to create a daily action plan. Navigating you through the peaks and valleys of your journey, a daily action plan serves as a roadmap to success. It also provides you with sharpened clarity and focus, making it easier to keep your head in the game. For heightened success, though, your plan should also be documented, tracked and adjusted regularly. After all, if you don’t know where you are, you can’t get to where you’re going.

Luckily for us, modern technology makes documenting and tracking goals easier than ever. Here are three free apps you can download to help you keep your eye on the prize, no matter what you're trying to achieve.


Coach.me (iOS and Android)

The Coach.me platform gives you the opportunity to join a community of fellow goal diggers. In this, you can follow other users and other users can follow you. You can see each other’s goals and act as each other’s cheerleaders along the way. In the app, goals are broken down into categories - personal growth, physical fitness, and productivity to name a few. It sets you up for success by allowing you to set targets and reminders. At the end of the day, users are provided the ability to track their goals and interact with a community for continued motivation, support and accountability throughout their journey.


Way of Life (iOS)

The Way of Life app is more about breaking bad habits and/or creating positive ones. In the app, each day is color coded either red or green. Red represents missing your daily goal, and green represents hitting it. It’s up to you to be honest with yourself, but everyday you simply open the app and record if you hit or missed your goal for that day. Trend reports are built in, so you can see how often you’re actually fulfilling your personal commitments over a specific period of time.


Productive (iOS)

The Productive app allows you to break up your day into three segments - morning, afternoon, and evening. You can then set tasks accordingly, building them into a specific segment of your day. This helps users stay on track because, at any given moment, they only have to focus on the present. This application is particularly beneficial for those looking to form and track long-term routines, like working out daily. You can set reminders, write notes and view your personal analytics.