Cold Showers Can Improve Your Health

There’s a solid chance that showering is part of your daily routine, but did you know that the temperature of the water used can actually affect your health? For thousands of years, cold water therapy has been credited around the world for it’s tremendous health benefits.The basic concept behind this notion is that your body gains resistance and vitality through managed stress - similar to intermittent fasting, which we previously discussed. It’s the brief exposure to this stress where all the benefits lie, and a quick cold shower can do the trick! Here are 5 health benefits you could reap by taking 4 cold showers a week!

Improved Immunity

The Lymphatic System runs throughout your body and provides you with a means of flushing out toxins and bacteria. Since your body relies on muscle contractions to move lymph fluid throughout the body, it’s imperative that you find ways to get your lymph muscles to contract. One way to do it is by exercising, but another is to practice cold water therapy. The muscle contractions will prevent bacteria and toxins from remaining stagnant and manifesting in colds, joint pain, infection and even disease. Thus, improving overall immunity. 

Increased Metabolism

Cold water forces your body to work harder to keep you warm. This, in turn, enhances metabolic function and burns calories. You can literally shed pounds by turning your shower dial from hot to cold - imagine that.

Improved Mood

Cold water releases endorphins and stimulates sensory nerves leading to the brain. The result is an enhanced mood, and it can also prepare you mentally for taking on new challenges. Cold water therapy is credited with treating depression symptoms, and when done regularly it has the potential to be more beneficial than using prescription drugs.

Improved Cardiovascular Function

Cold water therapy improves cardiovascular circulation by stimulating blood flow, which ultimately improves heart health and mental performance. It also boosts the immune system and allows us to have more strength and energy throughout the day.

Reduced Soreness

Have you ever seen an athlete soaking in a tub of ice water? That’s because cold water therapy lowers the temperature of damaged muscle tissue and constricts blood vessels. The result is the reduction of swelling and inflammation, as well as the numbness of nerve ends for nearly immediate relief. If you find yourself sore for whatever reason, take a quick cold shower. You’ll find that this is a great natural way to speed up the recovery process.

Modern day science has also credited cold water therapy with improving sleep patterns in those who suffer from insomnia. It’s even said to potentially benefit those with chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic heart failure, and some cancers. Who knew such a small adjustment to your daily routine could have such a substantial impact on your overall health? Well, now you do!

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