The Benefits of Morning Exercise


Regular exercise is a key preventative measure for countless diseases, but it can also enhance your body's everyday functions. While statistics show that consistent exercise among Americans is on the rise, many people have yet to experience the maximum benefits regular workouts offer, and you could be one of them.

Whether you're a spinning pro or you ball regularly with the boys, if you're not getting your sweat in first thing in the morning, you're missing out. You see, as the old saying goes, timing is everything. Here's why getting to the gym first thing in the morning actually provides you with added benefits.

You Don't Make Excuses

According to the Huffington Post, morning exercisers actually see better long-term results because their workouts tend to become a part of their daily routine. Since we never know what our day is going to bring, postponing workouts can result in rushed or skipped gym time due to unforeseen circumstances. Generally speaking, most mornings the only thing keeping you out of the gym is yourself. Think about it.

You Make Better Decisions

When you knock out your workout first thing in the morning, you’re more mindful of what you eat throughout the day. You’re not going to reach for a donut if you just woke up an hour early to burn off an equivalent amount of calories, are you? We didn’t think so! People who start their day in the gym simply make better decisions regarding their food and beverage intake.

Your Body Rewards You

Exercising gets your endorphins going and boosts your metabolism. Those who work out in the morning are rewarded throughout the day with higher energy levels. They also burn more calories! Additionally, working out can enhance your mental clarity for up to 10 hours after exercising. It sharpens focus and increases productivity, which is just what you need before diving into your work day.

In a nutshell, morning workouts enhance your productivity, both phsyically and mentally. So set that alarm an hour earlier than you normally do, get to the gym, and give us at least 30 minutes of vigorous movement. When you do, take a selfie and tag us so we can give you kudos! After all, if hit the gym and don't post a selfie, did you really even go?