3 Ways to Improve Your Focus at Work

In today’s fast-paced world, distractions are a dime a dozen. While finding focus helps people to complete tasks more effortlessly, full concentration can be difficult to achieve. You can blame it on your overflowing inbox, your smartphone, your noisy environment, or your brain structure. Regardless, if you’re having trouble focusing, just know you’re not alone.

According to Time Magazine, nearly 50% of American employees working within an office environment say that they work for about 15 minutes before becoming distracted. Similarly, 53% of American employees say that they waste an hour or more per day due to disruptions. Personally and professionally, the inability to focus on a given task can negatively impact both your productivity and your sanity. Here are three action items that you can implement daily to get more done.

Completely Unplug

It’s certainly easier said than done, but closing your door and detaching yourself from your phone and inbox for a few hours may be exactly what you need. Today, workers are interrupted approximately every 10 minutes by instant messages, tweets, and Facebook messages. Once a distraction occurs, it can take them up to 23 minutes to get back to what they were originally working on. If you don’t have the willpower to just say no, commit to disabling your internet connection altogether for an allotted time frame. Freeing yourself from unnecessary interruptions will help you to think more clearly and focus on the task at hand. Plus, checking the likes on your latest social post is extra satisfying when you’ve been away for a couple of hours. You know exactly what we’re talking about.

Re-Structure Your To-Do List

It’s been said that about 20 percent of your daily activities produce 80 percent of your results. Reprioritizing your to-do list so that the essential tasks are listed first will ensure that your time and energy are invested in your most important action items. Additionally, deleting less important tasks will relieve you of unnecessary anxiety. If an item is continuously being pushed to the bottom of your list, there’s a good chance it’s not all that important, right?

Take Our Bio Energy Supplement

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